Project – Plants

Our team visited the site and identified the below plants:

  Chinese Name Latin Name Location
1 荼藨子 Ribesiaceae a
2 香薷 Herba moslae a
3 薺菜 Capsella bursa-pastoris a, f
4 中甸山楂 Crataegus chungtienensis b
5 枸杞屬 Lycium b
6 川續斷 Dipsacus apercides b,d
7 狼毒大戟 Euphorbia fischeriana b,d
8 小檗 Berberidaeeae b,f,g
9 甫地柏 Sabina procumbens b
10 傘形科 Apiaceae c
11 藿香 Ageratum conyzoides c,f
12 藜科 Chenopodium c
13 紫苑 Aster tataricus c
14 牛至 Origanum vulgare c
15 Cirsium c,f
16 翠雀 Delphinium grandiflorum c,d
17 紅車軸草 TrifoliumpratenseL c
18 火絨草 Leontopodium alpinum c
19 禾本科 Gramineae c
20 穿心莛子藨 Triosteum fargesii Franch c
21 蘿摩 Metaplexis japonica c
22 橐吾 Ligularia sibirica c
23 龍膽草 Gentiana c
24 Bamboosa c
25 鼠尾草 Salvia officinalis d
26 栒子 Cotoneaster d
27 花錨 Halenia Borkh d,g
28 委陵菜 Potentilla anserina d,e
29 柳葉菜 Onagraceae d
30 酸模 Rumex acetosa e
31 石竹 Dianthus chinensis e
32 牛蒡 Arctium lappa e
33 野豌 Vicia sepium e
34 香青 Anaphalis sinica Hance f
35 艾蒿屬 Artemisia lavandulaefolia f
36 碎米薺 Cardamine hirsuta f
37 蒲公英 Taraxacum f
38 蘋果 Malus domestica g,z
39 歐洲千里光 Senecio vulgaris(INVASIVE) a
40 石榴 Punica granatum h
41 樺樹 Betula x
42 山胡椒 Lindera glauca x
43 冷杉 Abies bifolia c,d,y
44 雲南松 Pinus yunnanensis faranch y

(list kindly consolidated by  Harry Lee)

hotel map

Some Pictures of the plants onsite. More to come soon.



Day 7

Return to Shanghai

Flying back over the gorge.

Yao organising his seeds to send to three trial growers in China


西南花楸(Sorbus rehderiana)、 西南鸢尾(Iris bulleyana)、脉瓣卫矛(Euonymus tingens)、川滇柳(Salix rehderiana)、近掌脉鼠尾草(Salvia subpalmatinervis)、大花刺参(Morina nepalensis var. delavayi)、穿心莛子藨 (Triosteum himalayanum)、蔷薇属(Rosa)。。。。。。。。。。



Day 2

Morning visit to the Lijiang Botanical Garden.

Lijiang to Botanical Garden-Original2

Nice walk in the mist and rain meant we could not see to much of the scenery. Walked up about the hill (part of the garden) about 1000m and had a quick visit around.

Drove down from the garden and up again through Yulong Mountain Park. Again most in mist so not much to see. Met up with Justin in some workmans cafe and drove through the hills down to Daju town to the old ferry.
A quick ferry ride, walk up the hill with our bags and mini van to the Tina’s guest house on Hutiaoxiao (Tiger Leaping Gorge).
Early dinner and sleep


Project – Objectives

A small eco hotel near the airport.

Our Aim:

> To research & identify local plant species around the area.
> Understand local conditions and usage of plants.
> Carry out a site survey of the project. Identify and tag plants.
> Possible transplant of rare and endangered species to the project.
> Propagate & monitor over time.
> Release to other projects in the area.


Pictures of the eco hotel under development.